Shooting range

Our shooting range is one of a kind innovation by [Neox Target Shooting System(TSS)]. Our priority is to ensure the safe and fun usage of airsoft guns in a speed shooting environment. Rest assured, we have courses catered to begginers where our instructors will teach you the basics of airsoft shooting.

We also do 1 on 1 barricade battles if you wish to battle your friends head on!

For use of our shooting range, please approach our staff to place you on the waiting list.
Shooting Menu

Trial course
1 player/¥800

1 magazine, 1 paper target
Inclusive of Standard rental guns, BB pellets & gas. Personal guns ok!

Beginners course
Approx. 10 min ¥1,600per person ※Inclusive of instructor

Inclusive of 5 min Beginners tutorial, 5 min free time
Inclusive of Standard rental guns, BB pellets & gas. Personal guns ok!

Standard Menu

Range rental only (10min) ¥1000
BB pellets (with free gas) ¥300
Standard gun rental ¥400
Premium gun rental ¥900

Rental guns list


Airsoft guns can cause serious bodily injuiry to oneself or to others when misused. Customers participate in activities and use services at Akiba Base at their own risk. We will not be held liable for direct or indirect losses, arising from any such injury, illness, damage, loss accident, or expense including consequential loss or economic loss however caused.

Please adhere to our in-house safety rules & manners when bringing in your own airsoft guns. To avoid any inconvience to other customers, make sure not to dry fire or point your muzzle at others. Keep your magazines out of the gun and do not bring our rental guns out of the range. Thank you for your cooperation.